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Adwind: Malware-as-a-Service Platform

Java/Adwind is typically spread as an executable file attached to spam email messages. When the file attachment is launched, the archive file drops malicious components onto the system, then continues to run in the background. On a Windows machine, the components are dropped to the %AppData% folder. When running in the background, the Adwind archive […]

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When a site gets compromised, the attackers will often leave some piece of malware behind to allow them access back to the site. Hackers want to leave a door open to retain control of the website and to reinfect it continuously. This type of malware is called a backdoor.Backdoors are types of malware that allow

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Free Voucher’ Survey Scam Hitting D-MART

According to a whatsapp post that is currently appearing on D-mart, retailer is giving away a free INR2500 voucher to everyone. The post urges you to click to get your free vouchers. Post is a Scam — No Vouchers Are Being Given Away However, the post is fraudulent and has no connection to D-MART. And the

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Are we ready for the cyber threats?

As we know, threats are increasing day by day. Our countries don’t have any master plan to defend us from this threats. Recently, the United States and United Kingdom governments published a mutual “Technical Warning” on the threats of “Russian state-sponsored cyber actors.” While timely and targeted, this warning shouldn’t be an astonishment to anyone.

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