Unveiling the Power of OSINT: A Comprehensive Exploration of Open-Source Intelligence

Open-Source Intelligence, commonly known as OSINT, is a dynamic field centered around gathering and analyzing information from publicly accessible sources. This involves navigating the surface and deep web, mastering tools for social media monitoring, and utilizing geospatial analysis. OSINT plays a pivotal role in various domains, including cybersecurity, business intelligence, and journalism. It empowers individuals and organizations with valuable insights, but ethical considerations, such as privacy concerns, remain critical. This evolving discipline is crucial in the digital age, shaping decision-making and strategic planning across diverse sectors.

RIDL (Rogue In Flight Data Load)

RIDL stands for Rogue In-Flight Data Load. RIDL is also known to use MFBDS in addition to MLPDS to acquire data. Attackers can execute code using cloud resources, malicious websites or advertisements and can steal data by breaking any security barriers. RIDL (Rogue In-Flight Data Load) shows attackers can exploit MDS vulnerabilities to mount practical …

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Free Voucher’ Survey Scam Hitting D-MART

According to a whatsapp post that is currently appearing on D-mart, retailer is giving away a free INR2500 voucher to everyone. The post urges you to click to get your free vouchers. Post is a Scam — No Vouchers Are Being Given Away However, the post is fraudulent and has no connection to D-MART. And the

Is your company prepared to meet GDPR?

GDPR COMPLIANCE The time for complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is swiftly diminishing, and many organizations yet aren’t prepared.GDPR is a set of rules and regulations supported by the European Parliament, European Council, and European Commission to guarantee data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU), formally takes influence on May