Bug Bounty

We at WebOrion understand the importance of cybersecurity and the need for organizations to have a strong defense against potential threats. That’s why we are pleased to offer our bug bounty service to help you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your digital assets.

Go Beyond Bug Bounty

A team of 1,200+ of the world’s most elite security researchers that are vetted through a 5-step process for both skill and trust. Additional scale through a machine-learning enabled scanner, freeing researchers to focus more on creative tests

Achieve Smart Security Testing At Scale

A realistic view of your attack surface from the world’s best, most trusted ethical hackers. An ability to rapidly deploy testing, intelligence, and operations on-demand within a SaaS platform.

The Advantages of Weborion’s Crowdsourced Approach

Who participates in our crowdsourced approach? Our bug bounty program differs from most others in that we don’t allow any hacker who’s willing to contribute access to our customers’ assets. We only permit ethical hackers who have undergone rigorous screening and testing, and only a small percentage of candidates are accepted into the Weborion Red Team or SRT

White Hat Hacking

This means that we provide the top talent in whitehat hacking, and can also vouch for a history of quality contributions from the team members. Additionally, we can assign a subset of the SRT appropriate for the job, whether that be based on the tech stack or regional/legal requirements. Furthermore, this vetting process minimizes risk associated with unvetted hackers.

Achieve Smart Security Testing At Scale

Bug bounty programs are a form of crowdsourced testing that aim to surpass traditional penetration testing methods by involving numerous ethical hackers in making assessments. These programs offer stronger incentives for hackers to produce results, thereby providing a more adversarial perspective and bringing you closer to the truth.

Bug Bounty is a feature of what we do

Weborion ultimately goes further beyond by providing bounty-driven testing with a highly-vetted elite crowd, and combining the testing process with an integrated technology platform.

Weborion offers a high-level of control, quality, and insight that is not as accessible in traditional open bounty bug programs.

In a typical cyber security bug bounty program, there could be thousands of bug bounty hunters of varying expertise, generating noisy results of varying quality.