WebOrion™ Services

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is a procedure of discovering and gauging the severity of various weaknesses in the system. Vulnerability assessments produce lists of weaknesses that will be often…Read More

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is typically a goal-oriented exercise. It has less to do with uncovering vulnerabilities and is rather more attentive to pretending a realistic attack, testing defenses..Read More

Network Security

Cybersecurity enhancement can be considered as a protection against outside bullying. It focuses on maintaining the barricades, but its key function is to safeguard against…Read More

Security Code Review

The basic of any application, or any script or any real time entity dealing with huge transactions of information and data is always the source code sitting at the very roots. The basic flaws in…Read More

Malware Removal

As the only security provider to offer automated malware identification and removal, our proprietary technology quickly identifies and instantly removes website infections…Read More

Cyber Security Consulting

For businesses and organizations that just need occasional or project-specific information security and compliance help, partnering with a third-party cybersecurity firm…Read More

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