Web Application Penetration Testing

At WebOrion, our comprehensive penetration testing service simulates real-world attacks on your system to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We provide an in-depth analysis of your system’s architecture, configurations, and policies, and deliver a thorough report outlining identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for remediation.

Weborion's website Penetration testing can help you locate and resolve all possible weaknesses in your web application.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Find every threat to your web app in record time, with Weborion.

The rapid pace of digital transformation is placing significant pressure on security teams. To keep up, Weborion, a leading provider of penetration testing services, utilizes a combination of advanced technology and a community of ethical security researchers to identify exploitable vulnerabilities more quickly than traditional methods.

Although you may have implemented robust security measures, your organization is still vulnerable to potential risks. These vulnerabilities could be found in various places, including databases, applications, website access, and even with your staff. Any of these weak points could allow unauthorized individuals to gain access to sensitive electronic information, such as financial data, patient records, or confidential documents.

Payment Manipulation Testing

Identify weaknesses in your payment gateways and checkout portals to safeguard your website against credit card hacks, formjacking, price manipulation vulnerabilities, and other related risks.


Business Logic Testing

Your website may have vulnerable to manipulation of prices and unauthorized access to sensitive information through privilege escalation. Hackers may be circumventing security measures to gain access. Business logic testing helps us explore these and other potential issues.

Patch up vulnerabilities

We will furnish you with a comprehensive report that outlines the exact areas you need to reinforce to make your website fully secure. The report will include step-by-step proof of concept and detailed guidance on how to rectify any vulnerabilities, complete with code and configuration examples.

The Benefits of Going Beyond Traditional Pentesting

Weborion has tested tens of thousands of Fortune 500 applications for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities like SQL Injection attacks and Cross-Site Scripting and many more.

Test for known CVEs

With the security scan, we will diagnose any security defect and common vulnerability that hackers can exploit and use to harm your business.

Our ability to spin up tests quickly, with very effective results allows the business to keep innovating without security impacting our timelines.

We possess an unparalleled capacity to swiftly create and implement tests that yield highly effective results. This enables your business to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation without being hindered by security concerns or delays. With our streamlined and efficient testing process, you can explore new possibilities and take bold risks with the confidence of knowing that your security is in capable hands.

No other Pentest product combines automated scanning + expert guidance like we do.

The project management teams here at Weborion will ensure that you have a smooth and pleasant experience with a high-fidelity delivery.

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