AI in Cybersecurity - Benefits and Risks

AI in Cybersecurity – Benefits and Risks

The lines blur in the cybersecurity battlefield, with AI & ML emerging as both allies and potential adversaries. On the one hand, AI heroes like Darktrace’s threat-busting algorithms save millions, while ML marvels from McAfee pinpoint malware with 95% accuracy. Yet, shadows lurk, with racial bias found in facial recognition and job displacement anxieties fueled by automation. Can we forge a future where AI safeguards our digital world, ethically and effectively? Explore the triumphs, challenges, and ethical considerations shaping the landscape of AI & ML in cybersecurity.

salami slicing attack

A salami attack is when you take a very small amount of money from an awful lot of accounts. The canonical example is a bank programmer depositing sub-cent amounts of interest in a special account. These rounding errors add up.I’m trying to find the first actual documented theft or attempted theft using this attack.I’m hoping …

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