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Importance of Security

Importance of Security – Penetration Testing

  • In what’s become a Principal digital world, cyber security is playing an increasingly large role in keeping our most sensitive data safe from cyber attackers. Think of all the important information stored online: bank accounts, identity information, personal information and so much more. When that data falls into the wrong hands your entire sustenance is immediately at risk.
  • Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are all too frequent. From January through September of this year alone there have been more than 30 major data breaches in the U.S. It’s estimated there have been 40% more breaches in 2017 than there were in 2016. This speaks to the importance of cyber security and why as a career opportunity, cyber security continues to be in such high demand.
  • Each day, fresh malware strains and cyber-threat vectors are being authored, developed, and distributed in the wild. Fledgling hackers and “hacktivist” groups are learning the ropes. No matter how many security protocols and policies you have in place – and even regardless of the strength of your anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software – there exists the possibility that someone, somewhere has the key to penetrating your defenses.
  • Stolen or corrupted data, the siphoning of funds, the theft of credentials or user identities, infiltration of networks, espionage, sabotage, and mayhem could result – unless you have the means to identify potential vulnerabilities in your systems, and prevent threats from being enacted before they can occur.

That’s where penetration testing comes into the picture

  • It also includes many different kind of testing. Black and White box testing is commonly used in all the testing methodologies and here it comes too, so the following are some of the features penetration includes to use in the enterprise such as
    • Plugging the gaps
    • Ensuring the continuity
    • Meeting compliance
    • Maintaining trust
    • Enhancing quality assurance and
    • Rounding out your defense

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