Vulnerability found inside computer hardware!!!

In the 21st century, we are always talking about software security, network security, website security and many other IT related securities, but what about computer securities and we are very shocked after hearing vulnerability founded inside computer hardware and the real solution is to throw them all and buy a new one which might be available in upcoming years.

The Researchers have made many announced of major security vulnerabilities in the microprocessors which is also known as the heart of every computer machine and we are using these microprocessors from last 15 to 20 years. This vulnerability has been named by Specter and Meltdown, and they are controlled in skillful ways. An attacker who controls one process on a computer system can use the loop holes to steal secrets from elsewhere on the computer.

We can also think like one third party application on our phone can able to steal all the data from another application and also from system of the phone and similarly one browser with malicious program can able to steal the database from your system and as well as credentials from your web browsers. The cloud services itself are not safe because we don’t know how cloud infrastructure and end-user cloud applications are working.

News about these limitations has been secretly flowing amongst the major IT companies for months as they researched the consequence and coordinated updates. The details are going to be released next week, but the story broke previously and everyone is scrambling

“Throw it away and buy a new one” is unexpected security advice, but expect it more and more.

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