Trojan-Dropper Malware

Trojan-Dropper is  Software that injects Trojans, viruses, worms and other malware into a computer. When run, it typically decompresses the malware components hidden within the dropper file and executes them, sometimes without saving them on disk to avoid detection. The dropper is Malwarebytes’ generic detection name for trojans that drop additional malware on an affected […]

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Baldr – Information Stealing Malware

Baldr is the name of a new family of information-stealing malware. Its authors first introduced it to cybercriminal circles in January, and about a month later, Microsoft’s security team reported that they have seen it in the wild. Bill Gates’ specialists said that the stealer is ‘highly obfuscated’ which usually suggests that someone has put

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RIDL (Rogue In Flight Data Load)

RIDL stands for Rogue In-Flight Data Load. RIDL is also known to use MFBDS in addition to MLPDS to acquire data. Attackers can execute code using cloud resources, malicious websites or advertisements and can steal data by breaking any security barriers. RIDL (Rogue In-Flight Data Load) shows attackers can exploit MDS vulnerabilities to mount practical

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Troldesh Ransomware

Troldesh Ransomware

Troldesh aka Encoder.858 or Shade is a Trojan and a crypto-ransomware variant created in Russia and spread all over the world. Troldesh is based on so-called encryptors that encrypt all of the user’s personal data and extort money to decrypt the files. Troldesh encrypts a user’s files with a “.xtbl” extension. Troldesh is spread initially

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MDS-Micro architectural Data Sampling

MDS is a family of vulnerabilities in different (related) components of the processor. Unlike Meltdown, MDS doesn’t allow an attacker to directly control the target memory address from which they would like to leak data. Instead, MDS is a form of “sampling” attack in which an attacker can leverage cache side-channel analysis to repeatedly measure

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