This 21st century is called the information age. We live in the world there are hundreds and thousands of GBs of data is stored on a cloud or private servers. Do you ever think that who protects this data and manages them so that it doesn’t fall into malicious hands? That is where Cyber Security comes in.

According to Wikipedia, “Cybersecuritycomputer security or IT security is the protection of computer systems from a theft of or damage to their hardwaresoftware or electronic data, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide”. Cyber Security means that securing your computers, servers, and clouds against cyber attacks and cyber warfare(Trust me they are worst than real warfare).

     Cyber Security in all means is as important as physical security. Nowadays only physical security is important but still, data security is also important. Don’t trust me? here is the example. If the thief breaks into your house and steals anything, you can replace it with another thing. But imagine that if someone steals your medical records, what then? Can you undo it? What if your confidential data gets leaked publicly? Can you undo that?
     There are many forms in which cyber attacks can happen. Online Attacks, phishing, crypto attacks or ransomware itself. The cyberattack targets C (Confidentiality), A(Availability) and I(Integrity). The rate of cyber attacks is increasing very fast. Last two big breach was WannaCry Ransomware and Facebook Data Breach.
     WannaCry is a type of ransomware attack. In which, as a physical kidnap they ask for money in replace for something or someone they kidnapped. Same is for online ransomware, They use Virus or Trojans to get to your system and then infect your PC with crypto malware. That will encrypt all the data in your computer. So you will not be able to use it. For wanting your data back you have to pay money in bitcoin(payment system with decentralization so you can pay to anyone without knowing them or tracking them).
     Facebook Data Breach is also recent. It stored and tracked the users of “https://www.facebook.com“. All that data is stored in a server in Cambridge including phone numbers to SMS and call logs. Why all these? By tracking us, they spy on our activity and then use that information to manipulate you. Sometimes data is sold from one company to another for a high amount of pay. Then they use this information to spam us by cold calling or mailing unnecessary things.
     Currently, there is a war ongoing between Govt and people for information, its called Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom. Edward Snowden leaks thousands of data showing how Govt spy on us using different technology. Aron Swartz gave his life for information to be publicly free.
     Forgetting all that, we sit back relaxed at home and use Facebook and other social media knowing that it is harmful. So today should be the day that you are aware of different regulations on internet and fight for net neutrality and internet freedom.


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