ways hackers will use machine learning to launch attacks

Machine learning algorithms will improve security solutions, helping human analysts triage threats and close vulnerabilities quicker. But they are also going to help threat actors launch bigger, more complex attacks.

For business executives and internal information security specialists, it seems that every day brings a new potential risk to the company – and in the current threat environment, it isn’t hard to understand this viewpoint.

Sophisticated cybercriminals are continually on the lookout for the next big hacking strategy, and aren’t shy about trying out new approaches to breach targets and infiltrate enterprises’ IT assets and sensitive data. One of the best ways to stem the rising tide of threats in this type of landscape is to boost awareness and increase knowledge about the latest risks and how to guard against them.

Currently, an emerging strategy among hackers is the use of machine learning. Unfortunately, like many advanced and innovative technological processes, machine learning can be leveraged for both beneficial enterprise purposes as well as malicious activity.

How are cyber-criminals using machine learning?

1. Increasingly evasive malware

2. Smart botnets for scalable attacks

3. Advanced spear phishing emails get smarter

4. Threat intelligence goes haywire

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