Ramnit Malware

Ramnit is a family of malware-distribution trojans. Depending on particular variants, anti-virus suites can detect Ramnit as “Win32/Ramnit.A” or “Win32/Ramnit.B”. These viruses infiltrate systems without the user’s consent and open “backdoors” for other malware to infiltrate the system. Therefore, its presence typically leads to further computer infections.

Ramnit is commonly spread via flash drives and it all starts after the Worm (Win32/Ramnit) is copied with a random file name. The infection is at large at sites that promise to offer keygen and cracks. If not dealt with on time the Ramnit infects more files and the entire system might eventually become unusable.

The first Ramnit variant that emerged in 2010 were viruses that infected EXE, DLL and HTML files found on the computer. Later variants included the ability to steal confidential data from the infected machine. Ramnit was originally designed to attack bank accounts by infecting PCs and using them as proxy servers for malicious activity.

Depending on the variant, Ramnit-infected machines can also be enslaved in a botnet. Over time, the original Ramnit malware has been modified so that newer variants include the ability to serve as a backdoor and to communicate with a command and control (C&C;) server, allowing an attacker to control a botnet of Ramnit-infected machines. The combined resources of the Ramnit botnet allowed it to be used by its controller(s) to perform other malicious actions, notably stealing personal and banking information.

Ramnit is used to proliferate a number of viruses. These viruses have different developers and their behavior may also differ accordingly (some encrypt data, others steal information, cause further chain infections, etc.), however, all pose a direct threat to your privacy and computer/data safety. Therefore, eliminating all viruses on the system is paramount.

How to remove Ramnit from your computer?

This tool by Symantec is specifically designed to detect Ramnit from the computers. In order to use this tool one needs to be logged in as an admin and only then download the executable file from FxRamnit.exe. The tool will automatically repair all the infected files and also resets the registry values that have been tampered with. Moreover, the tool will also terminate all the processes associated with Ramnit.

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