Covid Impact on Cyber Security

So this Covid thing, no need to explain more, has pretty much changed every phase of our life. Covid has forced us to be dependent on online, which is not a bad thing; instead, it evolves technology and reduces social gatherings.

But on the other hand, Covid 19 has played a pretty significant role in this Cyber Security industry. Not worth saying, but cybersecurity people benefit from covid as it has created a hot demand for security engineers who have sufficient skills and are willing to make the internet safer.

Why did Cyber Security’s demand increase after covid?

This is due to everything coming remotely, so new apps, infrastructures(cloud), websites have been set up for Work From Home, Online classes, etc.

So Attackers have an easy target to attack for

Following are the most happening attacks and scenarios.

  1. Remote VPN attacks- Companies have set up VPN’s to allow employees to connect remotely and Work From Home, but due to urgency no loopholes are being tested due to which attacker finds vulnerabilities in these Client Apps and does things like MITM attack and stuff
  2.  Phishing attacks- As the income of individuals has fallen a bit; everybody is keen to earn money, so they become easy targets of attackers who send phishing emails and make a victim click harmful links or install software with FUD ransomware
  3.  Storage- How the details of customers are stored plays a significant role in whether the company is seriously considering security a priority because we have seen data breaches like Domino’s, Air India, and Mobikwik where attackers have dumped complete details and are selling it. This proves a lack of awareness.
  4. Social Engineering- Previous year, there was a mass attack on famous people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos because the attacker (17-year-old only ) could socially engineer a Twitter employee.

So definitely, Cyber Security has boomed after Covid. The demand for Security Engineers will increase as every company has now realized that security plays an essential role in business, so to keep infrastructure safe, security engineers need to be hired.

The Single Quote Says at all

“It takes years of hard work and struggles to create a successful business but a single click of a computer destroys it.”

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